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Projects and programs

Hraničář Gallery

Art gallery projects are in collaboration with the Dresden hygiene museum and the UJEP Faculty of Arts and Design in Ústí nad Labem. Their goal is to contribute towards attractivity of fine arts and other activities for the public, strengthen the citizen awareness to become more active in the local community, engaged in a social environment, interests in tradition and history of the region via complex topic-based profiled exhibitions and other public events.

Naturally, the goal is also to start a broader cultural collaboration to connect Czech and German cultural environment. Ústí nad Labem and Dresden, both cities with their cultural riches helping towards better collaboration and invitation in the future.

School kinoacademy

Special film programs for schools and other educational institutions as an enrichment and addition to their curricula in order to increase the engagement of students in different school subjects and also to increase interest in film as a form of art.

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Film Club Theatre

Hraničář theatre provides practical program alternative to the commercially focused film production of the Ústí multiplex film theatre. Hraničář film theatre sets to put quality to the Czech and world film canon as well as contemporary movies regarded as high quality to the big screen. Our goal is not only to be a film club theatre and suitable only for a demanding guest. We also focus on children as a target audience (e.g. Sunday film afternoons) elderly viewers, or multidisciplinary education via movie viewing (so-called Kinoacademy or Film and society),


The main objective of the Kinoacademy program is to introduce the viewer to the language of film and history of this wonderful medium. Selected movies screened at the Hraničář film theatre are enriched by a 15-minute lecture which relates to the screened movie. If you would love to know more about a particular film genre, style, technique or the key personalities which gave the film its glory. If any of these aspects of the film art interests you, Kinoacademy is the right place to be.

Public discussions

Public discussions about many contemporary issues regarding social sphere are one of the main pillars of cultural events and venues in Hraničář theater. Such public discussion can then have various form – from large open public debates specific for a wide audience to small community group gatherings. No matter the media importance of the topic, we value any topic which is regarded to be the starter of change, which leads towards personal and social development.

PechaKucha Night

The Pecha Kucha Night project started in 2003 in Tokyo, where the project founders (and co-founders of the Klein Dytham Architecture studio) Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham. Their main initiative was to create space for gatherings of architects, designers, graphic design experts, artists, theoreticians, theatre actors, filmmakers and musicians, all to use the same space in one time and exchange ideas. This plays a key role to talk about what is new in the world of art, what is coming up and what has been already realized, what they think about now and what their dreams are...All this because the only exposure they had previously were only public lectures about architecture which takes usually several hours, so Klein and Dytham looked for solutions how to make the time for discussion more efficiently. The result came in the form of PechaKucha – Japanese expression for the sound of conversation: each speaker prepares 20 pictures for their presentation and is able to comment on each of them 20 seconds; 6 minutes and 40 seconds in total are given towards each speaker.

Art gallery educational programs

Gallery educational programs are designed especially for educational institutions such as primary, secondary and art schools, however, there is also the possibility to book the event/venue also for specific target groups (children, youth, senior citizens). The content of each educational program follows the monthly topic program of the Hraničář. Throughout both theoretical information and creative activity the participants are introduced to the exhibits and better immerse themselves in the current and contemporary art. The gallery educational program is always adjusted according to the target audience (age, number of viewers, time schedule of the group). All these programs are supervised by an assistant professor of the local University (UJEP) Pedagogical faculty art department and their students as well.

Sunday movie afternoons with art workshops

The main concept of the program is based on movie projection followed by art workshops. The movie selection does not follow any commercial movies, it is quite the opposite, the program consists of such films (fairytales, animated films) which could have a positive effect on the development of a child viewer. The theme selection also follows the Hraničář movie theatre program according to the monthly topic. The workshop takes place after the movie projection where the topic is transferred and worked with again via art creation. The workshop requires the active participation of child’s parent or legal guardian. The main effort of the workshop is given towards creativity, emotional and aesthetic development and perception and to improve mutual relationships between different generations – child-parent, child-grandparent and thus via mutual cooperation seek for problem-solving during activity and come to a mutual conclusion. The program is led by an experienced lecturer.

Film and society

The exhibition „Film and society“ is based on connecting films with other social areas such as literature, history, political science, music, fine arts, international relations, democracy, human rights etc. Guests and speakers are selected from the ranks of sociologists, philosophers, linguists, cultural anthropologists, artists, educators, UJEP Ph.D. Students and many others. The evening events including film projections start with a short introductory speech/essay (in relation to the topic, historical context, social aspects etc.) and moderated discussion with the guest.

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Travel story lectures

Currently a very popular form of presentation of travelers from all over the world who bring unique pictures, videos and experience from their travels with them to our theatre.

Concerts and music show

Out of the standard cultural pallet of services and exhibitions, Hraničář can provide, Music production of the various genre is also part of Hraničář efforts to bring nontraditional and unique music projects from all around the world, rather than focusing on just local mainstream music bands. Ústí nad Labem has been previously visited by e.g. Brooklyn singer Shilpa Ray with her irreplaceable voice, American rapper Ceschi who started his European tour here, or Italian songwriter Peppe Voltarelli. The main goal of the selection of music production includes also regular space for local music band concerts.

Public workshops

Workshop as means of connecting theory into practice is a very popular form of public education which allows people to gain new theoretical knowledge and space for trying out a specific area in practice as well. This form does not allow a high number of participants, but that makes the experience even more intensive. The connection between theory and practice leaves the participants with much larger impact and are easier to remember than other forms of education. The uniqueness of the workshops is based also on creating new social contacts inside communicative environment, open for all visitors.

Other projects

Public Platform for Culture in the City - Cooperation Forum for Culture

With the Czech-German exchange and cooperation platform we bring together independent arts and culture organisations active in the border region of Northern Bohemia and Saxony. Our aim is to establish a long-lasting forum to support each other and to act together.

Completed projects

Greetings from Ústí

Our city is represented by tourist postcards which usually include the Střekov caste or Větruše chateau. As we all know, postcards are distanced from personal experience and do not picture the city in all its vibrant and different colors and details which give the city their specific character.

Send us a picture of Ústí and help us show a better, more colorful image of the town, and also make your experience shared among others. Take a picture of the place where you like to go for Sunday walks, where you spent summer nights, where do you like to buy stuff, where you like to walk your pet, feed swans, swim in the Elbe river, where do you think the best view of the town is...

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Re-vision Ústí

How do we think about our city and what could be done to make it better?

Series of lectures and discussion with experts.

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