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Hraničář Art Gallery


The Last Day of Creation:
Landscape Reclamation in the Ústí nad Labem Region Today and in the Past

11/3 — 31/8 2020

The short film The First Day of Creation, which was commissioned by the Czechoslovak Television's Documentary Department in 1978, features a legendary expert on landscape reclamation after surface coal mining - Stanislav Štýs. He walks through the “deserted and lifeless landscape”, in some places totally devastated and seemingly barren. In other shots, he presents landscape conservation plans for the North Bohemian coal district and he states that there are no limits to technologies and socialist planning and that - as in the beginning of the world when the Earth was desolate and then plants grew on it and it became fertile - it is possible to transform landscape according to your needs and replace former brown coal mines with a human-made lake or an orchard. Stanislav Štýs has been working in the field of landscape reclamation since the 1960s, his plans developed during the 1960, 1970s and later are still being implemented and some of them have already been realized.

The group exhibition will focus on several aspects of landscape reclamation, exploring the anthropocentric and colonial relationship to landscape, which manifests itself in the belief that any part of landscape can be exploited in order to get coal and then irrigated and cultivated again without any serious consequences. It is the impact of coal mining that we feel today in connection with climate change, which is a very topical issue to which contemporary art also responds to a large extent. The architectural study by Jitka Žambochová or the critical video essay by Marie Lukáčová will deal with the actual development of the North Bohemian landscape and its current state, foreign video contributions will also largely reflect the efforts to find solutions and fulfil specific utopian ideas. These ideas are very often based on criticizing the current political and economic system. Therefore, a large part of the exhibition will be devoted to anti-capitalist struggles for the right to land and initiatives of organic and cooperative agriculture, which are becoming an alternative to the aggressive land use we are witnessing in the Czech Republic. The local efforts to protect landscape and to use natural resources in a sustainable and sensitive way are the actual utopias of the present, which are trying to break free from anthropocentric colonialism of nature and to remedy what can still be remedied.

The exhibition and the interdisciplinary accompanying program will present several aspects of landscape conservation plans for the North Bohemian coal district today and in the past. Visitors will be able to see exploring the anthropocentric and colonial relationship to landscape, which manifests itself in the belief that any part of landscape can be exploited in order to get coal and then irrigated and cultivated again without any serious consequences.

Martina Johnová a Anna Remešová

Angela Anderson, Radek Jandera, Marie Lukáčová, Jan Kvíz, Martin Netočný, Matthew C. Wilson, Jitka Žambochová

BCAA System, Lea Kupková, Anna Chmelařová

Professional cooperation:
Tomáš Uhnák, Johana Zacharová (Fakulta životního prostředí UJEP), ateliér Tečka, David Přílučík a Artyčok.TV

Accompanying program:
Barbora Kropáčková, Klára Vlachová, Hanka Kokšalová, Evelína Ženíšková a kolektiv Hraničář

Graphic design:
Magdaléna Gurská


The Last Day of Creation 12/3—28/8
opening: 11/3/2020 at 6 pm

Galerie Hraničář
Prokopa Diviše 1812/7
Ústí nad Labem

Opening hours:
Tue–Fri: 14:00–20:00

free entry


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