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17/11   Fri   21:00

Wrong w/ AI-bot (de) + Whydie?

V rámci Festivalu ilustrace a komiksu.

ebm, techno, industrial, electro

WHYDIE? (cz) // Rare
minimalsynth, postpunk, ebm

JIM HATE (cz) // Wrong
occult, rap, wave, techno, experimental

HY☗EN (cz) // Wrong
techno, acid, industrial, 90s rave

visuals by WRONG & NO RESULT


AI_bot is TRESPASSER on mixing-decks mode – selected electro, ebm and industrial relics insertions on technological heavy hammering. TRESPASSER’s sonic architecture, built upon heavy synth layers, arp drones and deranging oscillators, took shape melting down with a chronology of subversive, mind-altering sonorous incarnations and congregating into a daze of techno-ambient, post-punk and remote 8-bit glitched memories.

WHYDIE? is a head part of Prague based crew ( RARE ) which is standing behind a lot of events including that important names of dark side of electronic music like Tropic of Cancer, Hante, Schwefelgelb, Marie Davidson and many, many more..

WRONG crew is collective of people organizing independent music events focusing more on the underground scene and acts with experimental approach, but still within the range of club potential. They want to present acts, that stand outside of mainstream and from the view of majority are considered wrong in some sense. But for them they represent fresh approach.

100 Kč